Investigative Services


James P. Schnell, CPA/ABV, CVA




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Investigative Services

Our team of experts has the skills and experience needed to respond to concerns of potentially fraudulent activity or other business risks in a reactive manner. However, our experience on the reactive side provide an opportunity to provide a proactive risk assessment, tailored to your client or your business.

In both reactive and proactive cases, we have worked alongside company management, internal counsel, external counsel, and law enforcement. No matter the size of the case, we understand the importance of confidentially addressing these issues.


Reactive Investigative Services include:

  • Addressing fraud concerns or allegations inside or outside of an organization
  • Forensic interviewing and identification of areas requiring detailed additional testing or remediation
  • Municipal rate case review
  • Government contract compliance
  • Construction cost recovery work and claim preparation
  • Business interruption and property loss insurance claims

Proactive Investigative Services include:

  • Operational Reviews of finance and accounting department policies and procedures, including proper segregation of duties
  • Foreign Corrupt Practice Act ("FCPA") due diligence and risk assessment dealing with international sales and operations
  • Royalty and franchise audits and other contract compliance
  • Designing tailor-made risk testing and monitoring services for fraud, waste, and abuse risks
  • Whistleblower hotline consulting, implementation, and training at all levels in an organization


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