Internal Audits

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Megan M. Broomfield, CPA



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Krista L. Niles-Updyke, CPA



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Internal Audits

Lean and nimble are not business buzz words, they’re the new reality. Today, every company needs to maximize efficiencies, cut waste and trim expenses, getting the biggest bang for the smallest buck. But knowing what to cut—and where to expand—requires knowing all the details. An internal audit by MMB can provide you with the specific, actionable data you need to shape up your business. We’ll monitor your progress, helping implement the kind of controls that will keep your business in shape and competing at the highest levels. 

Specialized areas where we can help:

  • Assisting in the design, documentation and implementation of internal audits
  • Assist in the ongoing monitoring and substantive testing of internal controls
  • Performing internal control risk assessments
  • Co-sourcing and outsourcing internal audit functions
  • Utilizing tools and data-extraction techniques to effectively implement internal audit plans
  • Assistance in planning audit committee meetings and assessing their effectiveness
  • Coaching boards of directors, audit committees, CEOs and CFOs on financial reporting risk management