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SSAE 16 Reports

If you’re a service organization, you know that there are many advantages to having an SSAE 16 Report engagement performed. A fact-based opinion—issued by an independent accounting firm—separates you from the herd, demonstrating the establishment of effectively designed control objectives and control activities.  

And without a current Service Auditor's Report, you can end up burning through a lot of resources while addressing multiple audit requests from customers and their auditors. With an SSAE 16, you can provide the information everyone needs without the extra work on your part.

At MMB, there are no “cookie-cutter” audits. We customize our services to meet each client’s industry, environment and unique needs, providing the targeted information they need to best understand their business. Our years of experience in preparing SSAE 16 reports have enabled us to streamline the process, reducing your time commitment and limiting the disruptions to you and your staff.

There are many advantages to having an SSAE Report. And just as many to having that report done by us.