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International Business Consulting

Those who say it’s a small world have never tried to expand their business in the international marketplace. The regulations, laws, treaties, tax codes and red tape can turn that small world into a big headache. At MMB, we’ve helped many clients grow beyond national borders, establishing new markets, new divisions and whole new companies in countries across the globe. 

Thanks to our membership in the BDO Alliance USA, we’re able to provide technical expertise and local insights on foreign tax laws and regulations, all without the high foreign-office overhead. So go ahead, dream big. We’ll help ensure that when it comes to expanding your business, it really is a small world after all.

Our international business services include: 

  • Financial statement audits in foreign countries
  • International gift and estate tax planning
  • International tax compliance services and tax return preparation
  • Business acquisition, sales and divestiture planning in foreign countries
  • Assistance with planning the form of doing business in foreign countries
  • International tax planning for U.S. citizens and resident aliens on foreign assignment 
  • International tax planning for nonresident alien individuals