Estate Tax Planning

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Anthony G. Sandonato, CPA/ABV, CVA, Esq. Mengel Metzger Barr (MMB)

Anthony G. Sandonato, CPA/ABV, CVA, Esq.



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Gary H. Riopko, CPA Mengel Metzger Barr (MMB)

Gary H. Riopko, CPA


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Estate Tax Planning

Benjamin Franklin was on to something when he said that nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. Now, while we can’t do anything about avoiding the former, our estate planning team can do a lot to make the latter less painful.

We start with a clear understanding of your goals for transferring your assets—during your lifetime and beyond. We’ll then work to structure these transactions in a way that’s most favorable for the estate and from an income-tax perspective.

And with all due respect to Mr. Franklin, we’d add change to that list of certainties. Changes in your life and resources—as well as changes in federal and state tax rules—mean that there will be changes along the way to your estate plan. That’s why we’ll continue to work with you to ensure that your plan keeps up with your changing world. Because when it comes to building wealth, preserving wealth and creating your financial legacy, you want to hold on to your Benjamins.

Some of the common aspects of estate planning that we address include:

  • Planned charitable giving
  • Family business transition planning
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Bypass trusts
  • QTIP trusts
  • Personal residence trusts
  • Defective grantor trusts
  • Preparation and maintenance of a Survivor's Notebook
  • Federal and state estate tax, gift tax and fiduciary income tax return preparation