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International Tax Services

The system of international tax codes, foreign and domestic compliance issues, and treaty-based accounting regulations for companies and individuals has often been compared to a never-ending Byzantine maze. The truth is, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

At MMB, we’ve mastered the maze. Our years of experience and global resources enable us to guide you through every step of the process of doing business in a foreign country. And since that maze runs both ways, we’re also able to assist foreign companies with in-bound U.S. tax issues.

Whether you’re considering your first international step or looking for ways to optimize ongoing international business operations, we’re packed and ready to go with you.

The International Tax Services department at MMB is well resourced to handle a multitude of compliance and tax issues involving companies and individuals doing business on foreign soil, including:

  • Assistance to first-time exporters and those performing services outside of the United States:
    • Consulting regarding transfer pricing
    • Foreign earnings repatriation
    • Withholding tax minimization strategies
    • Where applicable, utilization of tax treaty provisions
    • Alternative business structures to maximize export incentives
    • Choice of entity and structuring the way business is carried on to minimize worldwide taxes
  • Assistance with international acquisitions, business sales, and reorganizations, including working through the complex rules of IRC Secs. 367, 368, 381, 382, 1248 and others
  • Assistance to foreign companies with inbound U.S. tax issues in connection with first-time or ongoing business operations
  • Assistance to foreign nationals investing in U.S. real estate including choice of entity, withholding tax compliance, and compliance with the provisions of the Foreign Investors in Real Property Tax Act.
  • Advice and compliance in establishing an Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC), an often overlooked incentive for U.S. companies that export goods and services, which can provide significant tax savings.
  • Reporting of Foreign Bank and Financial Authority (FBAR)
  • Assistance to those utilizing foreign trusts, including proper tax compliance reporting
  • Assistance with the provisions of income tax treaties and totalization agreements
  • Tax compliance work for foreign nationals, including planning for maximum tax benefits in the year of arrival and departure
  • Tax planning and compliance work for U.S. expatriates, including maximizing utilization of the foreign-earned income and housing exclusions
  • Assistance with the maximization of foreign tax-credits
  • Tax compliance work concerning foreign subsidiaries and branches, U.S. subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies, tracking earnings and profits pools, branch tax calculations and foreign tax-credit reporting