R&D & Specialty Tax Credit Studies

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R&D & Specialty Tax Credit Studies

It pays to do your research. And a little research shows that, each year, more than $9 billion is claimed in federal research tax credits. Fortune 500 corporations account for 80% of those dollars. While many small to mid-size companies that pay for or perform in-house services to develop or improve their product or production process qualify for these tax credits, they just don’t know how to take advantage of them.

At MMB, we have extensive expertise in performing federal R&D and NYS Qualified Emerging Technology Company (QETC) tax-credit studies. You don’t have to be a high-tech company or operate your own lab to qualify. In fact, companies in almost every industry can claim these benefits. That’s why we say that, at MMB, we’ll help make your research pay off, in more ways than one.

Tax Benefits:

  • Lower federal income taxes by up to 20% of qualified R&D expenses
  • Refund claims for portion of NYS QETC credits that are refundable
  • Refund claims for prior year’s overpaid income taxes
  • Reduced state income tax liability
  • Lower international taxes—most countries have tax-credit programs

Non-tax Benefits:

  • Many states offer subsidies and/or grant programs to fund research and development activities
  • 0% or low-interest loans available