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I Guess... Thank You COVID-19?

Author: Jenna Ward/Thursday, May 13, 2021/Categories: Blog

Brian Hedges - Rochester Office

Wow. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year of this Covid-19 pandemic! I presented at a client’s annual board meeting a few months ago, and I will NEVER forget the prior March 2020 meeting: it was the first time that I ever “elbow-bumped” someone as a greeting. It was also the first day where it was clear to me in “little old” Rochester, NY that we were in for a big change.

But, with that change…we slowed down a little bit, we tried to grow more patient with “interruption” in countless ways, we cherished virtual face-to-face chats with people both near and far (Covid put Houseparty on the map!)…in a weird way, life got a little simpler for a while.

If there were only a few things I cherished about the last 12 months when the office was closed and I was working from home…(1) my almost daily “lunch breaks” with my family when I was working from home, on occasion a picnic outside and (2) the small 5-15 minute chunks of time that I got with my 2-year-old son, Beau, putting him down for his daily afternoon nap. Even though it challenged us in so many ways, Covid provided me those opportunities I never would have gotten otherwise. So I guess…thank you, Covid-19?


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